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UIUX – IONIC 4 UI Design Components | Multipurpose Starter App

UIUX – IONIC 4 UI Design Components

This exquisite UIUX design App renders an exceptionally catchy look and appeal to your App. UI Components and App Screens are essentially an integral part of mobile application development, also we have included 04 complete ecommerce app skins, so these design templates and skins would prevent hours and hours of hard work by providing you immensely stunning screens that are instantly ready to use in your ionic app development environment. This design template is a power booster for your mobile app development project. With this, you get an array of pre-designed polished and finished flawless ready to drop screens that can be used in any kind of mobile app development projects no matter what purpose it serves. This is an added advantage that ensures your app will be modern with multiple UIUX templates with standard SASS and unlimited color schemes from which you are going to bag more audience and prospects using our Template. Our Ionic template is equipped with all most modern elements that are mutually compatible with most advanced version like ionic 4.5.0 as well.

5 Convincing reasons that make it an essential pick for every IONIC Developer.

  • No need to begin from scratch, the most part is done already for your convenience.
  • Plenty of built-in designs to choose from. Save your design expense and time.
  • Ready to use designs and screens that need no further enhancement or improvement.
  • Extremely user friendly and easy to use.
  • Probably the best part is lowest possible price.

UIUX – Features List


  • 90+ UI Compunent Screens
  • 45+ Multipurpose Screens
  • 4 Complete UIUX Templates
  • Unlimited Colors Scheme
  • Build with SASS
  • List view styles


  • Infinite scroll
  • Refresher
  • Slide left animation
  • Slide right animation
  • Fade in animation
  • Thumbnail swipe with products
  • Full image swipe
  • Header with items swipe
  • Avatar swipe left to right
  • Avatar swipe right to left
  • Reorder
  • Expandable
  • Card styles
    • Dashboard
    • Simple list
    • Avatar list
    • Products simple
    • Products with slider
    • Timeline theme one
    • Timeline theme two
    • Timeline theme three
    • Images with text
  • Grid styles
    • Two column images
    • Three column images
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Album
    • Section
    • Products
  • Tab styles
    • Footer with text
    • Footer with icons
    • Footer with text and icons
    • Footer with text, icons and badges
    • Header with text
    • Header with icons
    • Header with text and icons
    • Header with text, icons and badges
  • Segment styles
    • Header with text
    • Header with icons
    • Header scrollable with text
    • Header scrollable with icons
    • Footer with text
    • Footer with icons
    • Footer with text and icons
  • Floating action button styles
    • Simple text
    • Simple icon
    • Upward with text
    • Upward with icon
    • Downward with text
    • Downward with icon
    • Left with text
    • Left with icon
    • Right with text
    • Right with icon
    • Middle with text
    • Middle with icon
  • Form styles
    • Login theme one
    • Login theme two
    • Login theme three
    • Register theme one
    • Register theme two
    • Register theme three
    • Forget theme one
    • Forget theme two
    • Forget theme three
  • Button styles
    • Basic style one
    • Basic style two
    • Text
    • Outline
    • Transparent
    • Expand
  • Alert styles
    • Basic
    • Confirmation
    • Prompt
    • Radio
    • Checkbox
  • Slider styles
    • Simple
    • Images
    • Auto play
    • Arrows
  • Checkbox styles
    • Avatar with square checkbox
    • Icons with square checkbox
    • Avatar with circle checkbox
    • Large image
  • Radio styles
    • Simple left
    • Simple right
    • Avatar
    • Thumbnail
  • Badge styles
    • Cards
    • Tabs
    • List
  • Toast styles
    • Bottom
    • Middle
    • Top
  • Search bar styles
    • Simple
    • Images
  • Action sheet styles
    • Simple text
    • Simple icons
  • Toggle styles
    • Avatar
    • Simple left side

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